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Conference on Transportation Scheduling and Disruption Handling

Constraint Technologies

Prato, Italy September 17-19th 2009

Location: Monash Prato, Italy

The integration between scheduling and disruption handling has recently become a focus of intensive research. The area presents three challenges: how to schedule in a way that is robust to disruption; how to reschedule after a disruption so as to minimize costs; and how to schedule and reschedule in an integrated way so as to get back on schedule as quickly as possible with minimal additional cost.

The focus of this conference is on software algorithms for optimization of transportation schedules, focusing on the interaction between scheduling and on-the-day operation. The research community targeted by the conference is the hybrid algorithms community combining techniques from Constraint Programming, Artificial Intelligence and Operational Research.

Presenters include:

The conference is organized by the CTI-Monash Centre for Optimisation, and is sponsored by Constraint Technologies International.