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Information Technology has now become a fundamental element of our everyday lives. Yet each day, we unlock new opportunities, new applications and new challenges that IT can solve.

At the Gippsland School of Information Technology (GSIT), our aim is to provide students with an industry-recognised qualification that opens doors to exciting and diverse careers – with no national boundaries, and virtually limitless potential.

While our school is small, our achievements are many. GSIT staff and students have:

  • developed award-winning smart phone applications
  • designed energy efficient video coding techniques to support sustainable telecommunications
  • introduced computer modelling to better understand sustainable energy
  • developed effective and efficient data mining techniques to detect anomalies in large and evolving datasets
  • used virtual technology to test new treatments in mental health
  • designed privacy-preserving and secured video communications technology for remote training of health practitioners.

Our world-class research programs have attracted consistent funding from federal, state, and local government, and industry groups, to build a global reputation for GSIT's research excellence.

At both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, we provide students with the best of both worlds – the resources and international links expected of Australia's largest university, alongside smaller class sizes and direct access to teaching staff and learning resources.

You can study on-campus or off-campus. GSIT also enjoys strong international links, which gives you extensive opportunities to study abroad, offering a true international education experience.

Better still, we offer you the option to combine your IT degree with a course from another Monash faculty, allowing you to expand your knowledge and application of IT skills across a broad range of fields.

We look forward to helping you realise your own potential in the world of information technology, and giving you the skills to become a leading global IT professional.

Welcome message

"Welcome to the Gippsland School of Information Technology. Here at GSIT our mission is to generate, evaluate and transmit knowledge through teaching, research and professional activities.

Information technology is growing in importance and is influencing almost every aspect of our lives. Today's employers are looking for graduates with high technical skills who can also communicate effectively with clients and work well in teams.

We are recognised around the world for our high-quality teaching and research in the area of computing and information technology."

Associate Professor Manzur Murshed, GSIT Head of School.

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