Get experience while you study

“The industry based learning program is like a GPS system, guiding us to where we really want to go.”

Monash understands that a degree is more than just a knowledge base and a piece of paper.

Our Industry Based Learning and Industry Experience programs allow you to apply your academic skills in or for a professional organisation. So you get a competitive edge while still based in a supportive learning environment.

Our Industry Based Learning program has been launching successful IT careers since 1988.

With leading global and Australian organisations as partners, we can offer outstanding placement opportunities and scholarships valued up to $39,000.

We also give you access to an exclusive graduate recruitment program. Plus, all your industry work is assessed and credited towards your degree.

The Industry Experience program allows you to develop an IT system for a real life client within a small student group. You'll be part of delivering a first class information system, while learning essential project management skills.

Career progressive programs like Industry Based Learning and Industry Experience are just two of the reasons why you'll be an IT professional before you even enter the workforce.