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Research in Intelligent Systems draws its members from and works closely with the following research groups within the Faculty of Information Technology.

Audiovisual Information Processing and Digital Communications (AVIPAC)
AVIPAC represents a broad spectrum of research and development expertise and experiences in the areas of audiovisual information processing and digital communications.
Centre for Electronic Media Art (CEMA)
CEMA is an interdisciplinary research and production center, established to explore theoretical and technical possibilities for electronic media art.
Intelligent Systems (IS)
The Intelligent Systems Research Group at Monash University's Campus at Sunway, Malaysia, is dedicated to innovating computer systems which provide intelligent or smart services to humans or other computer systems.
Monash Data Mining Centre (MDMC)
The Monash Data Mining Centre (MDMC) is a research and consulting group with a strong international reputation. We provide advanced research and training in data mining for business, government, science and industry.
Reasoning Under Uncertainty Group (RUUG)
The Reasoning Under Uncertainty Group (RUUG) applies Artificial Intelligence to situations in which uncertainty is a significant factor.
User Modeling and Natural Language
The UM&NL group considers issues in the inter-related areas of user Modeling and Natural Language, focusing on the application of Machine Learning and Statistical techniques.