Research flagships

Society today is in the midst of an information revolution. The social and economic changes we are witnessing are as basic and wide-ranging as the Industrial Revolution. The scope of these changes is reflected by the vast range of activities that now constitute IT research. Much of the richness of modern IT research arises from its intersection with other disciplines. The Faculty's flagship programmes reflect this intersection. We focus our main research efforts on the following flagship areas, which we have identified as having long-term significance and impact, and for which we have internationally recognised expertise.

  • Computational Biology

    This cross-disciplinary research flagship aims to address major computational challenges in Life Science and Medicine, building on the Faculty's key strengths in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Optimization research.

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  • Data Systems and Cybersecurity

    Data Systems and Cybersecurity

    This flagship encompasses research into innovative data management, storage and indexing techniques as well as addressing the challenge of keeping data secure in the rapidly changing and increasingly online data ecosphere.

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  • IT for Resilient Communities

    IT for Resilient Communities

    The IT for Resilient Communities Flagship researches how information technologies can enable the development of strong, healthy and resilient communities and cultures, promote and support social inclusion, and bridge the digital and information divides.

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  • Machine Learning

    Machine Learning

    This research program investigates the mathematical and practical foundations of discovering knowledge from data.

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  • Modelling, Optimisation and Visualisation

    Modelling, Optimisation & Visualisation

    Our aim is to develop optimisation and visualisation technology that can help decision makers in organisations large and small to make better, more informed decisions to improve the quality and efficiency of their services.

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