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The Faculty Graduate Research degrees reflect the diverse world we live in. In an increasingly complex and networked digital world IT is woven into every area of life and the richness of modern IT research arises from its intersection with other disciplines. The Faculty of IT reflects this intersection with internationally recognised Academics and research supervisors.  And with its Research flagship programs, its Centres and Labs  and partnerships. The Faculty has successful partnerships with industry, governments, communities, professional associations, other Monash faculties and other universities, both nationally and internationally. These partnerships offer opportunities for students in our graduate research degrees to engage with industry, community and academia and include the Monash NICTA partnership and the Monash Graduate Research Interdisciplinary Program (GRIP) - Sustainable and Effective Public Transport (SEPT).

Our Faculty

  • Is unique as the only standalone Faculty of IT in Australia
  • Leads IT research student enrolments in the Go8 Universities, a position it has held for the entire 21st century
  • Researches across all 7 Fields of Research in IT
  • Is ranked above world standard in 6 of the 7 fields in the 2015
  • In ERA 2015 – Monash is the only Australian university ranked across all fields and is the most highly ranked University in Information Management
  • Is International with Graduate Research students based on onshore and offshore campuses
  • Attracts Graduate Research students from all over the world. In fact right now we have Research students from 23 countries these are Australia, Bangladesh, Chile, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, Germany, India, Indonesia, Iran, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Oman, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Russia, Thailand, USA and Vietnam).
  • Has an engaged and supportive cohort of over 150 Graduate Research students

Graduate Research degree programs

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The Faculty's PhD and Masters by research degrees follow the Monash Doctoral Program (MDP). The MDP blends excellent and original research with innovative training options that support our graduate researchers through their research journey and prepare them for their future careers. Research skills and training that our graduates are able to apply to careers in many settings Academia, Research, Industry, Government and Community.

Graduate Research graduates now seek skills and training in order to:

  • collaborate with other researchers within academia, industry, government and research and community organisations,
  • manage teams, develop research strategies, and
  • be competitive in attracting research funding,
  • gain patents and
  • engage people in social change and
  • develop sustainable to impact positively on health, the environment and society.

Our Faculty offers the following Graduate research degrees:

  • 0190 Doctor of Philosophy

In addition since 1 January 2016 the Faculty also offers new enrolling eligible students the option to apply to undertake their PhD by Exegesis and Project demonstration or Exhibition. This is an alternate to the existing form of examination by standard thesis.

  • 3337 Master of Philosophy

Check your eligibility and entry requirements

Entry to a research degree in the Faculty of IT is based on the applicant's capacity to undertake significant research in the proposed field, which may be demonstrated in various ways.

Checking your eligibility is the first step in the process of applying for a world-class research degree with us.

English language requirements

Applicants must meet Monash University’s English Language Proficiency requirements for Graduate research Student in one of a number of ways as detailed here.

Conditional offers

In certain instances the Faculty may make a conditional offer to Students with a demonstrated capacity to undertake significant research who do not meet the English Language Proficiency requirements.  Sound English language skills are required for research programs at Monash University. If an applicant's first language is not English, the English language requirement must be satisfied. Students who do not meet the English Proficiency requirements can complete a Monash English Bridging Program. This conditional offer is based on achieving the English Language Proficiency requirements by undertaking the Monash College Monash English Bridging for postgraduate degrees and higher degrees of research .

Connect with the Faculty

Future our graduate research students connect with our Faculty of Information Technology to:

  1. Discover the research themes, the wide range of research options in each Research Flagship and the academic researchers and projects associated with these
  2. Explore the wide range of research options in our Centres and Labs, the Monash NICTA partnershipand the Monash GRIPS e.g. the  SEPT-GRIP
  3. Consult the extensive list of accredited research Supervisors
  4. Check the many Scholarship
  5. Search the Graduate Research Projects
  6. Browse the list of our Graduate Research completionsto see the diversity of our graduate research
  7. Compare the high standing of Monash University and the Faculty of IT with other Australian universities. Monash University is;
    • Australia largest university
    • Ranked Top 10% in research in 2016
    • Ranked Top 10% in international outlook in 2016
    • Ranked Top 20% in industry income in 2016
    • Ranked 73 overall globally
    • Ranked in the top 50 universities globally in the 'Engineering and Technology', 'Arts and Humanities' and 'Clinical, Pre-clinical and Health' disciplines.
      Times Higher Education World University Rankings (2015-2016)