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Clever Recordkeeping Metadata Project People and Partners


Chief InvestigatorProfessor Sue McKemmish, Monash University
Partner InvestigatorsProfessor Anne Gilliland-Swetland, UCLA
Mr Adrian Cunningham, National Archives of Australia
Research AssociateMs Karuna Bhoday (October 2003-December 2005)
Ms Barbara Reed (January – June 2006)
APA(I) AwardMs Joanne Evans
ProgrammerDr Sergio Viademonte (August 2004-July 2005)
Mr Andi Sumartono (August 2005-June 2006)
National Archives of Australia RepresentativeMr Duncan Jamieson (November 2003- August 2005)
Ms Karen Skelton (September 2005-June 2006)
State Records New South Wales RepresentativeMr Tony Leviston
Australian Society of Archivists Committee on Descriptive Standards RepresentativeMs Barbara Reed
Advisory Group MembersChair: Mr Adrian Cunningham, National Archives of Australia
Ms Kathryn Dan, Records and Archives Services, Monash University
Mr John Roberts, National Archives of New Zealand
Professor Wendy Duff, University of Toronto
Mr Mark Rogers, IP Australia
Mr Chris Hurley, Commonwealth Bank
Dr Richard Marciano, San Diego Super Computer Center
Mr Andrew Waugh, Public Record Office, Victoria
Mr David Kennedy
Dr Sergio Viademonte (September 2005-June 2006)
Dr Kate Cumming
Mr Malcolm Todd, National Archives UK
Ms Judith Ellis, Enterprise Knowledge Pty Ltd
Mr Hans Hofman, Nationaal Archief, The Hague
Mr Edward Hay, Deputy Auditor General, Victoria
Dr Andrew Wood, DSTC (November 2003-July 2005)
Dr Nigel Ward, Australian ADL Partnership Laboratory

Project Partners

National Archives of Australia

The National Archives provided expert staff contributing to the design of the proof of concept prototype in both iterations, identifying and documenting business case and risk frameworks, and providing vital links to the Government Online, metadata, software development, and records communities. In particular, National Archives staff contributed their knowledge of relevant government metadata standards and government business drivers to help maximise the practical relevance of the research work. Adrian Cunningham, from the NAA, convened and chaired the Advisory Committee, consisting of representatives from government agencies, the software industry, the records and archives profession, and metadata and standards setting communities.

State Records NSW

State Records NSW provided expert staff contributing guidance through participation in the Steering and Advisory Committees.

Australian Society of Archivists, Descriptive Standards Committee

The ASA Descriptive Standards Committee provided support to the project by the involvement of one of its members in the Steering and Advisory Committees. It provided expert advice to the Research Team. It will also facilitate the distribution and dissemination of research findings to national and international descriptive standards bodies.

Collaborations and Alliances

The proposed project is a continuation of long standing collaboration between the National Archives (NAA), the State Records Authority of New South Wales (SRA NSW), the Australian Society of Archivists (ASA), and Monash University, particularly in the area of identifying and standardising metadata requirements for recordkeeping, a research partnership which was strengthened and extended by involvement in the 1998-99 SPIRT Project which developed the Australian Recordkeeping Metadata Schema and recognised as of world-leading significance in efforts to devise durable recordkeeping strategies that meet the challenges of the digital age. This Linkage project further strengthened and extended research collaboration between the industry and higher education sectors. This particular project grew from a Research Forum involving NAA, SRA NSW, ASA Descriptive Standards Committee and other industry stakeholders. The objective of the meeting was to identify areas for metadata research and development which would meet high priority industry sector needs.

InterPARES 2 Description Cross Domain

A formal collaborative agreement with the Interpares2 Description Cross Domain group and the Clever Recordkeeping Metadata project resulted in collaboration on work on Metadata Repositories undertaken in the Interpares2 project. Ms Joanne Evans worked with research students at UCLA on the MADRAS initiative of the Interpares2 research project.

The Research Team workshopped and contributed to the development of IDEF models ‘Managing the Records Continuum’ of Mr Hans Hofman, work undertaken within the Interpares2 project.

IT 21/7 Recordkeeping Metadata Committee

Professor Sue McKemmish, Joanne Evans, Barbara Reed, Adrian Cunningham, Karen Skelton, Andrew Waugh and Tony Leviston were active contributors to the work of the Standards Australia Recordkeeping Metadata Committee under the auspices of IT 21, Recordkeeping. The successful outcomes of the work from this Committee were fast tracked to the international standards arena and has been incorporated into ISO/DTS 23081-2, 2007, Information and documentation -- Records management processes -- Metadata for records -- Part 2: Concepts and implementation issues.

ISO TC 46/SC11 WG 1: Records Management Metadata

This working group of the International Standard Organisation’s Sub Committee on Records Management is focused on developing standards for Records Metadata. The work of IT 21/7, which has been incorporated into ISO/DTS 23081-2, 2007, Information and documentation -- Records management processes -- Metadata for records -- Part 2: Concepts and implementation issues is detailed above. In addition Joanne Evans, in collaboration with colleagues from UCLA, has developed a recordkeeping metadata schema evaluation tool which is being considered for adoption as Part 3 of the ISO 23081 suite of standards.