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Monash University

FIT5107 Managing business records - Semester 2, 2013

This unit relates to managing the creation, storage, recall and dissemination of business records within organisation-wide frameworks. Topics cover: socio-legal and business requirements for evidence; knowledge bases for representing functions and activities; managing access; designing and implementing recordkeeping policies, strategies and systems in accordance with industry and professional standards, including the International Standard for Records Management, and using recordkeeping business analysis tools (workflow, risk management, identification of vital records, functional analysis).

Mode of Delivery

  • Caulfield (Day)
  • Caulfield (Off-campus)

Contact Hours

2 hrs lectures/wk, 2 hrs tutorials/wk

Workload requirements

Students will be expected to spend a total of 12 hours of study per week on this unit.  This will include:

  • 2 hour lecture, 2 hour tutorial 

and an additional 8 hours private study, revision and completing assignments.

Off-campus students generally do not attend seminar sessions, however you should plan to spend equivalent time listening to the MULO recordings, working through the relevant resources and participating in weekly discussion forums.

Unit Relationships



Chief Examiner

Campus Lecturer


Joanne Evans

Consultation hours: By appointment, via email or in class.

Academic Overview

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this unit students will be able to -
  • explain the business processes that recordkeeping activities support, and the evidential requirements for business activities in various organisational settings;
  • explain at a strategic and operational level how systems are designed and implemented to meet business needs and evidential requirements;
  • identify and discuss the suite of policies, standards and best practice guidelines that relate to quality records management;
  • undertake various forms of business analysis in support of records management activities;
  • design and implement electronic recordkeeping systems in large organisations in collaboration with other professional groups, or undertake these activities alone in a small organisation; and
  • advise senior managers on organisation-wide records management policies, programs and systems.

Unit Schedule

Week Activities Assessment
0 Review the unit site in Moodle and ensure you are registered for a tutorial No formal assessment or activities are undertaken in week 0
1 Introduction to Records and Recordkeeping  
2 Managing Records and Recordkeeping  
3 Recordkeeping Frameworks and Standards  
4 Recordkeeping Systems - Organisational Case Study Assignment 1.1 due Friday 23 August 2013
5 Recordkeeping Systems - Design  
6 Recordkeeping Systems - Recordkeeping Metadata  
7 Developing a Business Classification Scheme - Organisational Analysis Assignment 1.2 due Friday 13 September 2013
8 Developing a Business Classification Scheme - Function and Work Process Analysis  
9 Determining Recordkeeping Risks, Recordkeeping Requirements and Deriving Recordkeeping Tools Assignment 1.3 due Friday 27 September 2013
10 Developing and Implementing Organisational Recordkeeping Policies and Strategies  
11 Developing and Implementing Digital Recordkeeping Strategies  
12 Implementing and Managing Recordkeeping Systems Assignment 1.4 due Friday 25 October 2013
  SWOT VAC No formal assessment is undertaken in SWOT VAC; Assignment 2 due Week 15, Friday 15 November 2013
  Examination period LINK to Assessment Policy: http://policy.monash.edu.au/policy-bank/

*Unit Schedule details will be maintained and communicated to you via your learning system.

Assessment Summary

Class activities and discussion (or electronic equivalent): 25%;
Practical exercises - individual assignment: 25%;
Formal supervised assessment: 50%

Assessment Task Value Due Date
Assignment 1 - Records and Recordkeeping Management Exercises 4 x 12.5% = 50% (For each task 2.5% is related to participation in tutorial activities) Friday 23 August 2013, Friday 13 September 2013, Friday 27 September 2013, Friday 25 October 2013
Assignment 2 - Organisational Recordkeeping Requirements (Group Assignment) 50% (25% group mark, 25% individual mark) Friday 15 November 2013

Teaching Approach

Lecture and tutorials or problem classes
This teaching and learning approach provides facilitated learning, practical exploration and peer learning.

Assessment Requirements

Assessment Policy

Faculty Policy - Unit Assessment Hurdles (http://www.infotech.monash.edu.au/resources/staff/edgov/policies/assessment-examinations/unit-assessment-hurdles.html)

Academic Integrity - Please see the Demystifying Citing and Referencing tutorial at http://lib.monash.edu/tutorials/citing/

Assessment Tasks


For Assignment 1:

  • On-campus students are assessed on tutorial participation, and are expected to attend tutorials. 
  • Off-campus students are assessed on their participation in online discussion forums.

Criteria for assessing participation will be detailed in the assignment specification and will be informed by peer evaluation.

  • Assessment task 1
    Assignment 1 - Records and Recordkeeping Management Exercises
    This assignment consists of 4 practical exercises, aimed at developing your understanding of key concepts and your skills in records and recordkeeping management. Exercises will be carried out in small study groups in tutorials for on campus students and in online discussion forums for off campus students. This participation aims to
    • engage you with the literature,
    • encourage you to share your ideas with other students as part of developing your understanding, and
    • demonstrate your ability to prepare material for discussion
    Individual 750-1000 word responses to each of the exercises will then be submitted, along with a peer evaluation form which rates the performance of yourself and other members of your study group.
    4 x 12.5% = 50% (For each task 2.5% is related to participation in tutorial activities)
    Criteria for assessment:
    1. Understanding of the task and the related records and recordkeeping concepts
    2. Participation in associated tutorial activities 
    3. Quality of written submission, including clarity of structure and expression, and appropriate citing and referencing of sources.
    Due date:
    Friday 23 August 2013, Friday 13 September 2013, Friday 27 September 2013, Friday 25 October 2013
  • Assessment task 2
    Assignment 2 - Organisational Recordkeeping Requirements (Group Assignment)
    In groups of up to four you will prepare a report and presentation on recordkeeping requirements for a chosen organisation.
    50% (25% group mark, 25% individual mark)
    Criteria for assessment:
    1. Understanding of organisational analyses processes and their application to the case study organisation.
    2. Understanding and skill in applying recordkeeping concepts and practices to the assessment and specification of recordkeeping system requirements, implementation strategy and development of a business case for recordkeeping.
    3. Quality of the presentation and report including team work, research effort and effective use and referencing of a range of sources.

    The individual mark will relate to the quality and level of your individual contribution to the assignment (contribution to allocated responsibilities) in terms of the criteria specified above, and will involve each team member individually completing a Peer Review Form for the project team.

    Due date:
    Friday 15 November 2013

Learning resources

Monash Library Unit Reading List

Feedback to you

Types of feedback you can expect to receive in this unit are:
  • Informal feedback on progress in labs/tutes
  • Graded assignments with comments

Extensions and penalties

Returning assignments

Referencing requirements

Students are required to cite their sources and provide reference lists using the APA (American Psychological Association) standard for referencing academic papers as required by the Faculty of IT.

Assignment submission

It is a University requirement (http://www.policy.monash.edu/policy-bank/academic/education/conduct/plagiarism-procedures.html) for students to submit an assignment coversheet for each assessment item. Faculty Assignment coversheets can be found at http://www.infotech.monash.edu.au/resources/student/forms/. Please check with your Lecturer on the submission method for your assignment coversheet (e.g. attach a file to the online assignment submission, hand-in a hard copy, or use an online quiz). Please note that it is your responsibility to retain copies of your assessments.

Online submission

If Electronic Submission has been approved for your unit, please submit your work via the learning system for this unit, which you can access via links in the my.monash portal.

Required Resources

Please check with your lecturer before purchasing any Required Resources. Limited copies of prescribed texts are available for you to borrow in the library, and prescribed software is available in student labs.

The AS ISO 15489 Records Management Standard is a major reference for this unit and students can access this and other relevant standards through the Standards: on-line premium database available through the library, see http://www.lib.monash.edu.au/databases/1274655.html.

Recommended text(s)

Jay Kennedy and Cheryl Schauder. (1998). Records Management : A Guide to Corporate Recordkeeping. (2nd Edition) Addison Wesley Longman (ISBN: 0582911788).

Sue McKemmish, Michael Piggott, Barbara Reed and Frank Upward (editors). (2005). Archives: Recordkeeping in Society. () Centre for Information Studies, Charles Sturt University (ISBN: 1876938846).

Other Information


Graduate Attributes Policy

Student services

Monash University Library

Disability Liaison Unit

Students who have a disability or medical condition are welcome to contact the Disability Liaison Unit to discuss academic support services. Disability Liaison Officers (DLOs) visit all Victorian campuses on a regular basis.

Your feedback to Us

Previous Student Evaluations of this Unit

Student feedback has led to better alignment of the class activities/discussion and practical exercises into a set of four Assignment 1 assessment tasks, which also incorporate practical experience of EDRMS software and application of records management standards. Participation requirements for on and off campus students have also been substantively clarified and revised.

If you wish to view how previous students rated this unit, please go to



Course notes and other reference material will be provided on the unit's Moodle site, including links to digital and digitised material accessible through the Monash Library.

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