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FIT1041 Research project 1 - Semester 2, 2015

This unit introduces students to the research activities occurring in the Faculty of Information Technology. It provides an opportunity to conduct a hands-on project in an area of interest to the student and to experience what it is like to be a member of a research team.

At the start of the semester the student will be assigned to one of the Faculty's research groups and assigned an academic supervisor and a project topic. Students may work individually or in groups, as determined by the supervisor of a particular topic. During the semester the student will be required to participate in research group events including seminars and presentations.

Mode of Delivery

Clayton (Day)

Workload Requirements

Minimum total expected workload equals 12 hours per week comprising:

(a.) Contact hours for on-campus students:

  • One 1-hour meeting with the project supervisor

(b.) Additional requirements (all students):

  • As directed by project supervisor, the student may be required to attend seminars and other research group meetings and activities. The remainder of the time will be spent on individual study and completion of the project.

See also Unit timetable information

Unit Relationships


Enrolment in course 4310.

Chief Examiner

Campus Lecturer


Lachlan Andrew

Your feedback to Us

Monash is committed to excellence in education and regularly seeks feedback from students, employers and staff. One of the key formal ways students have to provide feedback is through the Student Evaluation of Teaching and Units (SETU) survey. The University’s student evaluation policy requires that every unit is evaluated each year. Students are strongly encouraged to complete the surveys. The feedback is anonymous and provides the Faculty with evidence of aspects that students are satisfied and areas for improvement.

For more information on Monash’s educational strategy, see: and on student evaluations, see:

Previous Student Evaluations of this Unit

Based on previous student feedback this unit is well structured and no changes have been made for this semester.

If you wish to view how previous students rated this unit, please go to

Academic Overview

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students should be able to:
  • participate as a member of a research group;
  • explain how IT research is conducted;
  • design, implement and critically evaluate a solution to an advanced problem in IT;
  • demonstrate the ability to effectively communicate project outcomes both orally and in writing.

Unit Schedule

Week Activities Assessment
0   No formal assessment or activities are undertaken in week 0
1 Attend briefing on research groups within the Faculty of IT. Nominate research groups of interest. Meet with Research Flagship Directors or nominees and determine project and supervisors  
2 Work on project under direction of supervisor(s)  
3 Work on project under direction of supervisor(s) Project Specification due Friday 14 August 2015
4 Work on project under direction of supervisor(s)  
5 Work on project under direction of supervisor(s)  
6 Work on project under direction of supervisor(s)  
7 Work on project under direction of supervisor(s)  
8 Work on project under direction of supervisor(s)  
9 Work on project under direction of supervisor(s)  
10 Work on project under direction of supervisor(s)  
11 Work on project under direction of supervisor(s), Attend project presentations Project Presentations (12-16 October 2015)
12 Work on project under direction of supervisor(s) Workbook, Final Report and Project due Friday 23 October 2015
  SWOT VAC No formal assessment is undertaken in SWOT VAC
  Examination period LINK to Assessment Policy:

*Unit Schedule details will be maintained and communicated to you via your learning system.

Teaching Approach

Research activities
Each student will conduct a small research project under supervision in one of the Faculty's research groups. This provides the student with hands on experience in how research is conducted and introduces them to the research that is taking place in the Faculty.

Assessment Summary

In-semester assessment: 100%

Assessment Task Value Due Date
Project Specification 10% Week 3, Friday 14 August 2015
Project Presentation 10% Week 11 (12-16 October 2015)
Workbook 10% Week 12, Friday 23 October 2015
Final Report and Project 70% Week 12, Friday 23 October 2015

Assessment Requirements

Assessment Policy

Assessment Tasks


As directed by project supervisors the students may be required to attend research seminars or research group meetings. It is expected that they will meet with their supervisor(s) once a week to discuss project progress.

  • Assessment task 1
    Project Specification
    Learning outcomes 2 and 3: Brief description of the research project including motivation, aims, intended methodology and proposed timeline.
    Criteria for assessment:

    Correctness and completeness of the research project description. Quality of the written report. This will be marked by the project supervisor(s).

    Due date:
    Week 3, Friday 14 August 2015
    The actual research project and choice of supervisor will be the result of a negotiation between the student and the Directors or nominees of the Research Group or Flagship the student has been assigned to. The project will be an individual project and might include developing software to help in research, designing and implementing a new algorithm, conducting usability studies or surveys, or undertaking a critical review of research on a particular topic.
  • Assessment task 2
    Project Presentation
    Learning outcomes 1-4: Short oral presentation describing the project aims, the final outcomes and notable aspects of the research process. The presentation will be attended by other FIT1041 students and also the research supervisors.
    Criteria for assessment:

    Quality and completeness of the presentation. Presentation delivery.

    It will be marked by the project supervisors.

    Due date:
    Week 11 (12-16 October 2015)
  • Assessment task 3
    Learning outcomes 1-3: A notebook (or PDF file) containing weekly entries describing what has been accomplished through the week, including lessons learnt from things that did not work, interaction with the research group, and updates to the project timeline.
    Criteria for assessment:
    Completeness of workbook, including at least 10 weekly entries. It will be marked by the project supervisor(s).
    Due date:
    Week 12, Friday 23 October 2015
  • Assessment task 4
    Final Report and Project
    Learning outcomes 1-4: Project deliverables and a written report describing the aims and outcomes of the project, and notable highlights of the research process. If applicable it may also include demonstration of the project outcomes to the supervisor(s).
    Criteria for assessment:

    60% (6/7 of the mark) will be based on the quality of the project outcomes. This will be marked on difficulty of the project, correctness and completness of the solution, interpretation and analysis of the results as evidenced by the project report and project demonstrations. 10% (1/7 of the mark) will be based upon the quality of the written report: logical structure and completeness and quality of written English. It will be marked by the project supervisor(s).

    Due date:
    Week 12, Friday 23 October 2015

Learning resources

Monash Library Unit Reading List (if applicable to the unit)

Feedback to you

Types of feedback you can expect to receive in this unit are:

  • Other: Feedback on progress will be provided in the weekly meetings with project supervisor(s)

Extensions and penalties

Returning assignments

Referencing requirements

By default referencing should follow the FIT style guide ( though supervisors may provide different research discipline specific guidelines which should then be followed.

Assignment submission

It is a University requirement ( for students to submit an assignment coversheet for each assessment item. Faculty Assignment coversheets can be found at Please check with your Lecturer on the submission method for your assignment coversheet (e.g. attach a file to the online assignment submission, hand-in a hard copy, or use an electronic submission). Please note that it is your responsibility to retain copies of your assessments.

Online submission

If Electronic Submission has been approved for your unit, please submit your work via the learning system for this unit, which you can access via links in the portal.

Other Information


Monash has educational policies, procedures and guidelines, which are designed to ensure that staff and students are aware of the University’s academic standards, and to provide advice on how they might uphold them. You can find Monash’s Education Policies at:

Faculty resources and policies

Important student resources including Faculty policies are located at

Graduate Attributes Policy

Student Charter

Student services

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Disability Liaison Unit

Students who have a disability or medical condition are welcome to contact the Disability Liaison Unit to discuss academic support services. Disability Liaison Officers (DLOs) visit all Victorian campuses on a regular basis.